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Low Voltage Battery Monitor 2-8S by Venom
Low Voltage Battery Monitor 2-8S

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Low Voltage Battery Monitor 2-8S

This is the 2-8S LiPo LiIon and LiFe Voltage Monitor from Venom (Venom 0644)

Venoms Low Voltage Monitor is designed for quick and easy voltage checking on your 2S-8S LiPO batteries. This monitor provides easy-to-read visual readout and an audible alarm if one or more cells within the pack gets too low.

The audible alarm is factory set at 3.3V, although is adjustable between 2.7-3.8V. Just plug the Low Voltage Monitor into the balance port on your 2S-8S battery, and a small LCD display will show the total pack voltage, as well as each individual cell voltage. Keep this handy tool in your field box for quick voltage checking.

  • Checks individual cell voltage and overall pack voltage and sounds an alarm if the voltage is below 3.3V per cell
  • Attaches to the balance connector on most 2-8S (7.4-29.6V) LiPo packs
  • Guaranteed to be free from material defects and manufacturing faults when new

One 2-8S LiPo LiIon and LiFe Voltage Monitor

  • Voltage Precision: +0.01V
  • Cell Voltage Range: 0.5-4.5V
  • Pack Voltage Range: 0.5-36V
  • Test Mode Voltage Range: 3.7-30V
  • Low Voltage Alarm Mode: 2-8S
  • Alarm Voltage Range: OFF-2.7-3.8V


The Venom 0644 Low Voltage Monitor for LiPo Batteries offers a quick and handy way to check the voltage of your LiPo packs. Its small size makes it convenient for field use and it works with 2S to 8S packs. The readout tells you the total voltage in the pack as well as the voltages of the individual cells within the pack. Just plug your battery balance plug into the device - that's all there is to it!

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