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November 20,2018
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Super International 4-Lane Mega G+ Slot Car Track by AFX
Super International 4-Lane Mega G+ Slot Car Track

NOW: $279.99

* Currently In Stock


Super International 4-Lane Mega G+ Slot Car Track Set

This is the Super International 4-Lane Mega G+ Slot Car Track by Tomy AFX. (AFX21018)

Our Most Popular Set Is Also Your Best Value!

Four super realistic Formula cars mounted on our brand new Mega G+ chassis, four AFX120 controllers, two Tri-Power Packs and 50 feet of the best track you can buy – all this and you can build 18 world class race tracks with this set. Wow!

And now, like all new AFX sets, the Super International incorporates the Mega G+ Race System: the easiest slot car system to learn and the easiest to drive at the limit. More fun guaranteed!

This new system, together with TWO Tri-Power Packs, adds a whole new dimension to the fun! The TPP’s three power levels allow new drivers to learn to race without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack.


  • 25 feet of 4 lane track
  • Everything you need to race
  • Mega G+ chassis
  • AFX120 controllers
  • Directional power pack
  • Detailed cars included
  • 18 international raceway configurations
  • Tri-power pack - 3 power levels let you race at your own speed
  • Directional power pack allows you to reverse the race direction with the flip of the plug
  • New AFX 120 controllers
  • Easy snap together track assembly

What is the Mega G+ Race System?

It is a Slot Car system that delivers the perfect balance of grip and speed. The result is a slot car set that is easier to learn and easier to drive at the limit so you have more fun fast and keep having fun longer.

We achieved this by redesigning our famous Mega-G chassis, designing a new power unit and precisely mating it to our upgraded AFX120 controller and our exclusive Tri-Power Pack. With decades of slot car innovation and over a year of experimentation behind it, we believe the Mega G+ Race System is the best out of the box slot car system you can buy.


  • Two Mega G+ slot cars
  • 2 terminal track 15"
  • 12 straight track 15"
  • 2 straight track 9"
  • 8 straight track 6"
  • 6 straight track 3"
  • 1 curve track 15"R, 1/8
  • 6 curve track 12"R, 1/8
  • 12 curve track 9"R, 1/4
  • 9 curve track 9"R, 1/8
  • 28 curve track 6"R, 1/8
  • 20 guard rails
  • 6 bridge
  • 4 AFX120 controller
  • 1 tune-up kit
  • 2 Tri-Power pack
  • 1 lane markers sheet

All of this just adds to the already fantastic value. With 86 pieces of track you can make at least 18 different layouts in 4 lane configuration! Of course you can design your own layouts too. You’ve got everything you need to build almost any kind of track in 2 or 4 lanes – all in one box. If you wanted to buy all the track, cars and accessories in this set separately, you could pay more than twice as much. That’s what we mean when we are talking about value.

And don’t forget, this is AFX, the highest quality best performing HO slot racing system you can buy anywhere. After all this is the brand that created the hobby and then spent almost 60 years improving it. Would you expect less? Quality, performance, innovation and value, that’s why AFX is the leader in HO.  

The Mega G+ Race System lets you learn faster and drive at the limit easier than any other slot car. How's that for fun? And only AFX has it!

With Tri-Power Pack parents can race with their younger children without the child crashing all the time. And what about those birthday parties when you have a lot of children with different skill levels? The Tri-Power Pack lets them race and all the players get to enjoy themselves.


  • Running Feet (2-lane): 50
  • Running Feet (4-lane): 25
  • Floor Space Required for Primary Track: 4’ x 11’
  • Number of Cars: 4
  • Number of Controllers: 4
  • Number of Power Packs: 2 Tri-Power Packs
  • Number of pieces of track: 86 (including terminal tracks)
  • Number of Bridge Trestles: 6
  • Number of Terminal Tracks: 2
  • Type of Chassis: Mega G+
  • Guard Rails: 20
  • Other: Sheet of Colored Lane Stickers (1); Tune Up kits (2)
  • Box Size: 19.5” x 16.5” x 6.25”
  • Weight: 13 lbs

Easy to learn, easy to drive at the limit, super realistic and super fun. And after all, isn't fun what it's all about?

HO slot car racing is tons of fun. But it does take a little time to get used to the speed. That is why AFX has introduced the new Tri-Power Pack. This new power source lets you set the maximum speed of the car to the right level for your driving skill: Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. And only AFX has it!

The three levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. So you can get the hang of racing without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. The levels work like this:

  1. Beginner: Cars will stay on the track through about 90% to 100%* of the turns at full throttle
  2. Intermediate: Cars will stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of the turns at full throttle
  3. Expert: You are on your own!

* Depending on track layout

And there is something else that sets the Tri-Power Pack apart from the crowd. It features more amperage than any other set-based power pack. One shorter tracks that pretty much eliminates the power surge one car can get when the other car crashes. Even on long tracks the surge is reduced significantly.


This new chassis is the heart of the Mega G+ Race System. It is not just faster and better handling than the competition, now it is even smoother, more consistent, more intuitive and more fun to drive than any car we’ve ever built.

Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard please keep away from children 3 years of age and younger

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