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Drone Registration

As Drones Take Off, FAA Hovers with New Regulations and Registration

FAA Rules for Drones

We expect hundreds of thousands of model unmanned aircraft will be purchased this holiday season, said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. Registration gives us the opportunity to educate these new airspace users before they fly so they know the airspace rules and understand they are accountable to the public for flying responsibly.

  1. You need to register your aircraft if it weighs between 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and up to 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  2. You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register a drone and do not register.

If you're curious whether your drone requires registration and you don't want to go digging for the specs yourself, fear not: We did it for you. Or rather, we're doing it for you.

This handy chart tells you exactly whether you need to register your drone, and we'll be updating it continuously (it's an ongoing project, so bear with us!). Maybe you're thinking about getting one soon and you'd rather opt for something that doesn't require registration.

Either way, the chart has your answers. The FAA has its own chart with a few examples, but if you need more information or don't see your device there, hopefully we can help.

Drone Registration Rules

The registration rules are pretty simple and straight forward:

  • Any UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) .55 pounds or over, must be registered (Yes, a Drone is a UAS).
  • Registered owners must 13 years old or older. If less than 13, a parent or guardian must register.
  • Only drones flown outdoors must be registered. If you fly indoors, there is no need register.

The good news is that you only need to register once, meaning, you have more than one drone, only one registration is required. If you are using your drone commercially (other than hobby or recreation), if it weighs over 55lbs, or you plan to fly it outside the United States, you must register.

The biggest thing of concern over recreational drones has revolved around safety, particularly near airports. Pilots are seeing them in close proximity, and the FAA sees its charter as the safety of the national airspace, said Fry. Kids are flying more advanced UAVs than have been on the market before. There is an issue in terms of control over the sheer number expected to be purchased in the upcoming months and year.

Want to learn more about recreational drone registration and regulations (before Timmy launches his new toy into trouble)?

Check out the Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Registration Service at

Drone name
Register it?
Avg. Price
Weight (lbs)
3DR Iris+Yes3DRobotics$6002.8
3DR Solo (with gimbal)Yes3DRobotics$1,4003.9
3DR Solo (without gimbal)Yes3DRobotics$1,0003.3
Air Hogs Millenium FalconNoAmazon$1190.1
Blade 180 QX HDNoBlade$1900.2
Blade 200 QXNoBlade$2300.4
Blade 350 QX3YesBlade$5002.1
Blade Chroma w/ 1080p cameraYesHorizon Hobby$1,1003.1
Blade Chroma w/ 4K cameraYesHorizon Hobby$1,2003.1
Blade Chroma w/ GoPro-ready gimbalYesHorizon Hobby$7003.1
Blade Chroma w/ fixed GoPro mountYesHorizon Hobby$5003.1
Blade Glimpse FPV HD cameraNoBlade$1700.2
Blade Inductrix QuadcopterNoBlade$700.04
Blade Mach25 FPV RacerYesBlade$4301.1
Blade Nano QX 3DNoBlade$1000.06
Blade Nano QX FPV BNF w/out HeadsetNoBlade$1500.05
Blade Nano QX FPV RTF NoBlade$4200.05
Blade Nano QX RTFNoBlade$900.04
Blade Pico QX RTFNoBlade$500.02
Blade Vortex 250 ProYesBlade$5000.9
Cheerson CX-10C Nano NoAmazon$260.03
Cheerson CX-STARS MiniNoAmazon$220.01
DJI Inspire 1YesDJI$3,0996.5
DJI Inspire Pro YesDJI$4,4996.3
DJI Phantom 3 AdvancedYesDJI$9992.8
DJI Phantom 3 ProfessionalYesDJI$1,2592.8
DJI Phantom 3 StandardYesDJI$6992.7
Estes Proto-NNoHobbico$350.02
Estes Proto-XNoHobbico$300.03
Estes Proto-X FPVNoHobbico$1800.13
Estes Proto-X SLTNoHobbico$400.03
Estes Proto-X VidNoHobbico$500.04
Estes Proto-ZNoHobbico$300.04
Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 2.0NoExtreme Fliers$990.08
Helimax 1SQNoHelimax RC$1000.07
Helimax 1SQ V-camNoHelimax RC$1300.07
Helimax 1Si (with camera)NoHelimax RC$1400.1
Helimax 230Si (with camera) NoHelimax RC$1800.3
Helimax FORM500YesHelimax RC$5503.1
Helimax Voltage 500 - 3DYesHelimax RC$4302
Hubsan x4 (H107L)NoAmazon$590.5
Hubsan x4 FPV YesAmazon$1300.8
Hubsan x4 NanoNoAmazon$400.03
Hubsan x4 ProYesAmazon$1,2002.3
Hubsan x4 cameraNoAmazon$410.1
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 (Elite Edition)YesParrot$2990.9
Parrot Airborne Cargo minidroneNoParrot$1000.1
Parrot Airborne Night minidrone NoParrot$1290.1
Parrot Bebop YesParrot$4500.9
Parrot Bebop 2YesParrot$5501.1
Parrot Rolling Spider minidroneNoParrot$1000.1
Quanum NovaYesHobby King$3001.9
Sky Viper m200 NanoNoTarget$300.06
Sky Viper s670 Stunt DroneNoTarget$500.1
Sky Viper v950 HDNoTarget$800.3
Syma X5 NoAmazon$470.2
Syma X5C NoAmazon$490.2
UDI U207 Nano DroneNoHeliPal$300.05
UDI U818A HDYesAmazon$1550.8
UDI U818A-1 Discovery (HD model, not lighter WiFi model) YesBH Photo$770.8
UDI U842 FalconYesBH Photo$1490.8
Walkera Furious 320YesWalkera$4991.8
Walkera QR X350 PROYesWalkera$3393
Walkera QR X350 PremiumYesWalkera$1,4993.6
Walkera QR X900YesWalkera$4,39915.3
Walkera Runner 250YesWalkera$2261.2
Walkera Scout X4YesWalkera$7394
Walkera Tali H500YesWalkera$9994.5
Walkera Voyager 3YesWalkera$1,9998
Walkera Voyager 3 GoProYesWalkera$1,9998
Yuneec Typhoon GYesYuneec$9003.7
Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4KYesYuneec$1,2003.7
Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ YesYuneec$1,0003.7